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Conducting a Fundraiser?

Implement an online, silent, hybrid or live auction to challenge people’s competitive spirit and raise more funds for your cause. We would be happy to put an auction package together for you based on your needs and current inventory available all at zero-risk to your organization.

We will choose from our proven best sellers across a wide variety of products including sports and celebrity memorabilia, wall art, fashion jewelry, home decor, collectibles, kids items, ladies accessories, travel and VIP experience event packages for your non-profit fundraising events and silent auctions. 

Please connect with us on Instagram or Facebook to view a sampling of items we offer!

In addition to helping you select silent auction items for your next fundraiser we will set a reserve bid and assist you in planning your auctions success. You will still integrate any items you have along with ours with your setup.  Learn more.

Combine an auction package of items with our online auction service and we will complete the setup and upload all of the items in your auction package at no extra cost! Learn more about Charity Solutions Online here.

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