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Mobile Text to Give Online Donations

Our text to donate option allows your supporters to donate from anywhere.

Participants can bid from anywhere and no longer need to be present at your event to donate. No app required!

  • Payments can be made directly from donors’ mobile devices.

  • Support your cause with instant donations.

  • Boost your proceeds and attract donors with our mobile.

  • Easy Donation Setup.

  • Create your online donation page or text to give campaign in minutes, allowing you to begin raising money immediately.

  • Design a beautifully appealing online donation page with your own branding, design, and story.

  • Customize your message and available donation amounts.

  • Fund a Need participants receive instant confirmations and receipts.

Please contact us to set up your online donation page!

Donation page sample.JPG

Text to Give & Online Donations

  • $79/month + 1.5% of each donation

  • Receive text messages and online donations

  • Real-Time proceeds tracking

  • Recurring donations

  • Create a custom fundraiser page

  • Cancel anytime

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