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Fundraising Integration & Event Ticketing

Charity Solutions Online combines online bidding and event ticketing into an easy-to-use and affordable event management platform. Sell tickets and, at the same time, run different fundraising campaigns and activities. This means users can set up silent auctions and allow ticket buyers, attendees, and guests to submit their bids online or via text messaging. Also, create your own donations page and collect donations from supporters directly.

Online Auction

  • $2/participant + $199 activation fee per auction

  • Unlimited auction items

  • Real-Time proceeds display

  • Create a custom fundraiser page

  • Integrated credit card payments

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Text to Give & Online Donations

  • $79/month + 1.5% of each donation

  • Receive text messages and online donations

  • Real-Time proceeds tracking

  • Recurring donations

  • Create a custom fundraiser page

  • Cancel anytime

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Event Ticketing

  • $2/ticket sale amount

  • NON-Profits: + 1.5% of ticket sale 

  • FOR-Profits: + 2.5% of ticket sale 

  • No activation fee

  • Seamless event check-in

  • Unlimited custom ticket types

  • Setup your event and sell tickets in minutes

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