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Affordable Event Ticketing

Create a custom fundraising experience and begin selling tickets in minutes. Combine ticketing with our fundraising suite to create an end-to-end experience for your donors.


Ticketing + Fundraising

Our suite of fundraising solutions integrates with our ticketing platform, allowing your guests to buy their event tickets and donate at the same time.

  • Once a user purchases a ticket, their user and payment information will be stored for your fundraiser.

  • Instant push notifications are sent to guests to begin donating or bidding upon event check in / arrival at the event.

  • Combine your ticketing page with silent auctions, or online donations.

Please contact us to set up your online ticketing!

Charity online ticket page all.JPG

Event Ticketing

  • $2/ticket sale amount

  • NON-Profits: + 1.5% of ticket sale 

  • FOR-Profits: + 2.5% of ticket sale 

  • No activation fee

  • Seamless event check-in

  • Unlimited custom ticket types

  • Setup your event and sell tickets in minutes

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